About me

My name is Bruno Nievas and I am a pediatrician. I have worked in Madrid and in Almeria, the city in which I was born. Last 13 years I have worked as a pediatrician in pediatric intensive care and emergencies in hospitals and seeing patients in consulting room. I have worked in public and private medicine and I have been medical director for 3 years. Nowadays I work as a pediatrician for the Spanish public health system.

Bruno NievasI am very keen on writing about pediatrics for parents and another doctors. I love computers, videogames (since my beloved ZX Spectrum), technology and, of course, writing. I like media, too.

If you like reading, you could try my first published book, Realidad Aumentada (Augmented Reality). It was downloaded 42.000 times when I gave it for free in the Internet. After that, it was published by Ediciones B, one of the most important editorial companies in Spain. In digital, the novel achieved #2 in Amazon and #1 in AppStore. It is also available in paperback, for only 9,95€ in Spain, USA and Mexico. For now, it is in Spanish. I hope it will be translated into English soon.

My second novel will be launched in 2013 by Ediciones B and it will be another thriller, which happens between NY in 9/11 of 2010… and Auschwitz in february of 1944. Is there a link?

If you have children, perhaps you will find interesting the app Manual para padres (manual for parents), where I try to make pediatrics easy for parents.

If you are a doctor, perhaps you will want to try Pediagnostic, interactive clinical cases which have been used for e-learning.

Thank you for visiting my web. Please contact with me if you have any question.

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